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Ashlyn Inman

Actor | Singer | Mover

Fun Home - Medium Alison - Cape Rep Theatre
Something Rotten - Portia - Cape Rep Theatre
The Full Monty - Georgie - Cape Rep Theatre
Mamma Mia - Ali - Cape Rep Theatre
Something Rotten - Portia - Cape Rep Theatre

Fun Home Reviews

  • "Ashlyn Inman... shines as Medium Alison. Her ebullience as she sings “I’m changing my major to Joan, with a minor in kissing Joan,” after her first romantic romp with the lovely Brittany Rolfs is one of the highlights of the show. The audience falls in love with Joan right along with Alison." Wicked Local Arlington

  • "Inman’s electric on stage and wows the audience with her ebullient and joyful solo 'Changing My Major'.” - Cape Cod Times

  • Ashlyn Inman as Medium Alison in Fun Home named one of reviewer's favorite actors in the 2018 season! - Cape Cod Times

The Full Monty Reviews


  • "Ashlyn Inman, as Georgie, is tender and ... captivating , along with her band of girlfriends." - Cape Cod Times

  • And then there are the women: brash, vulnerable, blue-collar girls who are making the best of supporting their families and dealing with their husbands’ problems... As an ensemble they’re powerful and energetic—the choreography for the women’s scenes is particularly excellent—while as individuals they convey strength and depth. - PTownie

  • "Ashlyn Inman as Georgie honestly portrays her love for her overweight husband." - ​​Cape Cod Chronicle

  • "The relationship between Torres and Inman is one of the most touching parts of the show." - Wicked Local Cape Cod






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